Show me the money!!! The anxiety is not a good start.

On 20 April this year i passed the portfolio exam approving 7 of 10 of my best photos. 5 years ago i had tried to enlist as a Shutterstock contributor, but the quality requirements killed me.

Quality is relative to all and they really know how to criticize your work, Microstocks supply all the creative agencies images and content they have the expertise to say that this is good or bad, that is creative and not.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-15 a las 13.07.05

All graphic designer and blogger know that 100% of advertising agencies use the microstock images and enter to that market is $ 80,000,000 attractive but extremely complicated and it is becoming increasingly difficult.

And this is where I am, testing the beginning of this complicated business. Today is my first month with many anxieties,

but anxiety does not help in this business you need a lot of patience and understanding that is what this viral.

I began attacking several fronts such as logos, videos, photos, cartoons and each in various branches and this was my conclusion:stock-photo-laptop-with-money-out-273520844

Lesson 1: Know what the war you fight. Personally I uploaded several images on several microstocks and all sell very little but Shutterstock really is constant every day, I have read many reviews and is best profit results. So I am focusing my efforts on two microstocks, Fotolia which already have more than five years in it and Shutterstock.

Lesson 2: Learn in each uploaded file. The review of each photo gives you a lesson in this business and what you want is not having to waste time uploading images to the reject you.

Lesson 3: Prepare to be rejected a thousand times in my case I uploaded more than 1000 files and 511 files have now approved my approval is almost 49%, but I already knew that my file was not ad agency so I did what any other newcomer, (Wasting time) upload all the old files. It is a crazy shot strategy although it might work but. stock-photo-money-piggy-bank-273079868

I understand that this business requires a lot of strategy, quality, research and planning and do well can achieve great success and live of it.

Remember if you really want this business the magic number is 20,000 files approved. My goal for this year is 30,000 is way too high but not lose the expectations with my only 511 approved files.


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