Paying taxes, ooo wait! I’m not from USA

stock-photo-money-piggy-bank-273079865All microstock said: “Selling creative content licenses is an economic activity. Income derived from these sales may be subject to U.S. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Withholding Tax.

It is important that our contributors comply with tax law. We invite you to visit the Tax Center and to review the information listed on that page.”

Ok I understand that all activity generated in the US is an activity that generates taxes, but I do not live in the US. So what to do?

See how to pay those taxes by writing an email to and they answered me by sending me this link: with the form W-8BEN and this is what ir said about W-8BEN form:

“If you are submitting to Shutterstock as an individual and are a resident of a country that has a tax treaty with the U.S., then please submit Form W-8BEN digitally on Shutterstock’s website to benefit from the reduced or zero withholding rate that is specified in your country’s tax treaty. Form W-8 BEN must be submitted digitally on our site, we cannot accept your Form W-8BEN via email or fax.”

There are a list of countries where trade agreements that benefit because you deduct less tax at the time of paying. The problem is that none of my two Central American countries are on that list. 

Then I definitely would have to deduct 30% tax, but the difficulty that I have right now is completing the form, which asks me any number or ITIN taxpayer. According to these numbers help page is left blank. But it has left me a warning on Form I sent. So expect to play tells me the support to taxpayers.

I am far from the first payment and the minimum payment amount is $ 100 but i can be changed to $ 75, but I prefer to resolve this before to be prepared.


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