Understanding the beast and how “Feed the Beast” on Shutterstock algorithm

“Feed the Beast”

It’s peoples way saying if you stop uploading photos your sales start to drop off, at some agencies the rate of drop off is quite steep. shutterstock boost the number of times your recent images show up to their subscribers (subscribers like to see fresh new images) so you tend to see a peak of downloads at shutterstock then they drop away over time. but that’s a great way of seeing some fast initial income to offset the cost of the photo, then incomes over the long term from other agencies can be all profit. 

I think uploading new images has no effect on the ones already online (well actually that might not be entirely true with some sites that rank your rejection rate and adjust their searches accordingly). There is no need feel obliged to upload new work to keep your existing images selling, the sales will gradually drop off regardless. I think it was yuri that said images have a half life of 2 years (so you still get 50% after 2 years); I have 5 and 6 year old images still making sales at istock but not at the rate they used to sell. (Microstockinsider)

My personal experience is very similar to that used by Google with the Panda algorithm, a good SEO work may increase in the level of exposure of your site giving higher priority to your portfolio.

The advantage of using this method is that you oblica to upload images continuously, and the benefit is that your portfolio will be growing increasing your chances of generating more money.

Larger the portfolio = more exposure = more profits, and keeps you creatively active.

If you use the method is very likely that you achieve long term create a stable microstock business because the profits will be exponential.


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