New York in Black & White part.2

Preparation – First Day

I wanted to live it and enjoy it as everything new does and I discovered the essences of my life, photography and art.


I started my preparation with much research and videos on youtube. I used a lot of blogs from two couples, a Spanish “Molaviajar” and another Colombian couple called “Pau & Pipe” the two very famous in their countries.

It was educational all the videos, but more importantly I discovered that to travel to New York I would have to rummage through living day by day as a New Yorker.

Our first stop after a long trip was Bryant park icerink.


The skating rink is much bigger than the Rockefeller Center and it’s free, the beauty of this place is that there are stores of food, souvenirs or hot drinks, which are very necessary at these low temperatures.


From the park you can see very famous buildings you just have to look up to discover that architectural jungle. Walking is a rule of thumb if you want to look how wonderful this place is. The advantage is that many express buses, tourism and major bus routes pass in front of this part, which is why it is a good meeting point to not lose in New York.


This is an example of the architectural grandeur of New York, the iconic “American Radiator Building” in 1998, the building was sold to Philip Pilevsky for $ 150 million. Three years afterwards, the American Radiator Building was converted into The Bryant Park Hotel with 130 rooms and a theater in the basement.


Download HQ images here: Shutterstock

Watch Part 1



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