Do you want to travel to New York? I have 2 tickets.

Yea, it is true!!!, no tricks, no cheap advertising, only you and 2 tickets (2 winners) for New York, a trip that includes hotel and flights and my company so that we go to take photos to the city of New York. (Photography Fans)

This is the story: I have opened a Crowdfunding in Patreon, where I will post as in my youtube channel the chapters of “New York in Black and White” series.


And I’m going to raffle 2 tickets with hotel to New York if we reach the second and third Goals (remember Goal 2 or 3)*. I will choose the winner with those who subscribe to my Patreon.


The team will be comprised of 2 winners, an assistant that I will take and I will travel to New York to find the best places to take the best photographs that describe the city, we will walk a lot, and use the NY Metro.


Questions? I answer them on twitter:


*Restrictions apply.


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