Flatiron building in Manhattan, New York




Flatiron building in Manhattan, New York


The Fuller Building

Designed by businessman George Fuller, the building, originally known as the Fuller Building was built by the famous Chicago architect Daniel H. Burnham, hence the title of this article refers to the city of the American Midwest, as Burnham Is one of the gurus, along with Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright who revolutionized American architecture with the Chicago School. Curiously, some experts, historians and even in many tourist guides consider the Flatiron as the city’s first skyscraper, but from what we have seen refutes that claim. By 1902 there were already fifty buildings larger than 10 plants, and at that time the record in height was the Park Row building with 30 floors.

Download Full Resolution (700dpi 5472 x 3648 pixels) image here: http://bit.ly/FlatiroBuildingWallpaper


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