Ways To Make Money With Your Cartoons

Bill Abbott Cartoons

This is a massively broad topic, and I won’t attempt to cover it all with a single blog post, but we’ll hit on some key areas and, hopefully, provide a well balanced diet of food for thought.

Some of these effective methods have been written in detail in previous blog posts, so I’ve provided a hyper-link to those pages with a brief explanatory note. Others I’ll explain in fuller detail within this article with links provided to a number of very useful resources. So, here goes.

Submitting To Magazines – in this article I discuss some of the high paying markets which accept regular cartoon submissions. Even though these are the toughest markets to crack, they’re a great place to hone your skills, push yourself to create on a regular schedule, and should you make a sale, a very nice check to receive along with the accolades that go with…

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